SPI Advisory

DJK has represented us in the purchase, sale, financing and restructuring of numerous real estate transactions. They've helped us negotiate and close deals with individuals and family offices, as well as large institutions and corporations. Dan is an extremely effective negotiator and we are always satisfied with the final terms of each agreement. During due diligence, Sharona and the rest of the team provide clear and concise insight as well as recommendations we can trust. We operate under unusually tight timelines and DJK is able to deliver accordingly.

Bold New York

I give DJK the highest recommendation. Living permanently in NYC and doing a substantial amount of work in LA, Dan and his team give me the confidence to execute on any sized deal. Unlike many other law firms I have dealt with in the past, they are great at navigating the minutia for me and allow me to focus on closing the deal. To put it simply they are a team that will get your deal closed efficiently!

Platinum HR Management

The Los Angeles offices of Platinum HR Management have been a client of Dan Katz and DJK Counsel for the past six years. Dan and his team have successfully negotiated over 100 client transactions on our behalf and have provided solid contracts once negotiations have ended and agreements are reached. We rely on Dan and his team not only for their skillful drafting and communication style, but for their expertise in transactional law as well. Lastly, every single member of the DJK Counsel team is responsive to questions and concerns, regardless of the day or time. Dan and his team are a testament to what every client wants out of its attorneys – to be represented by someone who is equally knowledgeable and strategically creative, and who truly loves the practice of law.

Wilshire Skyline

I strongly recommend the legal and business consulting services of Dan Katz. I have benefited greatly (and repeatedly) from Dan's fierce client loyalty and shrewd analysis. He's a strong but fair negotiator, knowing when to be a bulldog and when to be a diplomat. He facilitates good deals and he cautions (directly and honestly) about bad ones. I always feel more secure going into a complex negotiation with Dan at my side.

JDM Funding Corporation

I would highly recommend Daniel and his team for their expertise in Real estate. Daniel was instrumental in a very complicated 4.5MM purchase of an automotive property with environmental issues. He was very effective in his negotiations to help secure the property, help us mitigate our liabilities, deal with last minute seller curve balls, and issues with the tenants. Daniel is patient, intuitive and very well rounded.

CLHF Homes

DJK Counsel represented me when I came into a deal that was on-going for multiple months. The deal was very challenging and required a significant work load to get closed. DJK Counsel made a difficult process run smoothly, quickly and efficiently. The team at DJK Counsel showed me that they know how to get deals moving and closed while ensuring my interests were still well protected. With DJK Counsel I found a firm that I trust to represent my interests, while at the same time closing deals. Moreover, I know DJK Counsel will always have my back no matter the complexity or the challenge presented in any given matter.

Goldstar Healthcare

DK is the Jason Bourne of the Legal world, he’s the first guy I turn to when I need someone to get it done. Dan has an exceptional mix of that east coast ready to scrap, if need be, attitude, as well as the sophistication that comes with formal law training and running with the big boys. It’s always a pleasure to work with him and his associates, they will fight for you as if fighting for themselves. I personally and we as a company have utilized DJK for Strategic Planning, Dispute Resolution and a ton of corporate and transactional work, however, for me, DJK and company truly shine when it comes to those tough Negotiations, I have had and continue to have remarkable results.

Accurate Builders & Developers

DJK Counsel, specifically Dan Katz and Sharona Radparvar, have been an integral part of many of our Real Estate transactions. Their experience and expertise shine through in all areas of Real Estate law, working tirelessly and with the utmost efficiency. Their greatest asset to us has been in situations that require unique negotiation skills and overcoming any obstacle to get a deal done. They have always made themselves readily available and are an absolute pleasure to deal with. We look forward to engaging with them many times in the future.

Riviera Healthcare Center

Our organization, along with our related entities, have been retaining and working with attorney Dan Katz and his firm, DJK Counsel, Ltd., for many years. They have handled many cases for us covering wide issues: real estate and business acquisitions; organizational contracts, transactions and disputes; vendor contracts and disputes; and complicated and difficult family business matters. Mr. Katz, along with the support team at the firm of DJK Counsel, Ltd., have, without fail, performed to the highest of our expectations, producing excellent results. They act quickly, professionally, and are always thorough. An unusual and highly appreciated attribute of attorney Dan Katz and his firm's work is their ability to be flexible: tough to the other side when necessary; conciliatory and agreeable when necessary. They are "deal makers," not "deal breakers," and we could not have been better represented in our disputes with tough opponents. We highly recommend Dan Katz, and the firm of DJK Counsel, Ltd.

DB Development

I've worked with Dan and DJK Counsel for approximately five years. The service he and the firm provides, is second to none. Whether it was lease handling, strategic planning or dispute negotiations and settlement agreements, the firm was there to guide me every step of the way - keeping me calm and focused throughout the complex process. The personalized attention to my case, attention to detail, and always a phone call or email away were priority for me - and they delivered in flying colors.