Our People

The team you need to close deals & settle disputes with confidence.

No one should ever feel like their matter is secondary or that they are being ignored. At DJK Counsel, we treat every client with the same level of attention and responsiveness. A senior level attorney is always just a phone call or email away. There is too much riding on your matter not to be 100% confident in your lawyer. With over 20 years of experience and billions of dollars in deal and dispute value, we are ready to help you expand your empire.


  • Small and Large Companies
  • High net worth individuals
  • Developers
  • Lenders
  • Investors
  • Joint ventures
  • Individuals with complex real estate and business Challenges

Dan Katz


Email: dkatz@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext.101

Direct: 310.734.6074

Timothy Ault


Email: tault@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext.102

Direct: 310.734.6079

Craig Gherman

Corporate Counsel

Email: cgherman@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext.201

Direct: 310.734.6132

Denis Schmidt

Litigation Counsel

Email: dshmidt@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext.301

Direct: 310.730.5340

Nabil Bisharat

Litigation Counsel

Email: nbisharat@djkcounsel.com

Main: (310)-734-5936 ext. 302

Direct: (310) 730-5532

Caroline Gill


Email: cgill@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext.203

Direct: 310.734.6312

Tory Junkins


Email: tjunkins@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext. 204

Direct: 310.341.3716

Alisa Stephen

Real Estate and Corporate Specialist

Email: astephen@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext. 403

Direct: 310.230.5830

Nechama Stolz

Finance Manager

Email: nstolz@djkcounsel.com

Main: 310.734.5936 ext.401

Direct: 310.734.6143

Guiding you Every Step of the Way

“DJK Counsel was there to guide me every step of the way – keeping me calm and focused throughout the complex process. The personalized attention to my case, attention to detail, and always a phone call or email away were priority for me – and they delivered in flying colors.”